Power Box Rake



Power Box Rake


The Mumby Power Box Rake MPR850 has been designed to attach onto BCS, Ferrari and Grillo two-wheel tractors to make a versatile ground preparation tool carrying out – CULTIVATION – LEVELLING and RAKING all in ONE PASS and with the quick attach coupling system together with the optional transport wheel – the power rake can pass through a 76cm (30”) gate opening – for easy access into gardens and yards etc.

The Mumby power box rake is the ideal preparation tool for turfing and seeding contractors who require a strong versatile machine, capable of coping with demanding conditions on sites, and with the quick coupling system the power rake can be detached in seconds ready for the two-wheel tractor to accept other attachments.




  • Long life carbide rotor teeth
  • Heavy duty transmission with chain drive
  • Interchangeable rotors – Stoneraking – Turf Slitting and Brushing
  • Bi-Angling rotor via easy-to-use spring mounted lever
  • Lift UP/DOWN side plates for stone/soil removal
  • Overload protected via heavy duty shear bolt system
  • Accurate depth control via rear screw jack castor wheels
  • Optional transport wheel for manoeuvring through gateways


Working Principle


The Power Box Rake is equipped with a heavy-duty rotor with long life carbide teeth, that can last for many years, the rotor contra-rotates allowing the teeth to penetrate the ground easily for carrying out first:

CULTIVATING: By raising up the barrier blade soil/debris can pass back over the rotor leaving 50-75mm of loose soil – ready for:

LEVELLING/GRADING: With the barrier blade pivoted close to the teeth, and the side plates down the rotor will move soil forward and break up any clods simultaneously to the required level via the rear wheel depth setting – ready for:

FINAL RAKING PASS: Where the rotor teeth fork out stones and debris forwards or alternatively by lifting up a side plate the debris can be windrowed to the side – ideal when working on open space areas and by continuing to windrow, large areas can be raked off quickly and easily.