Laser Graders



Front Mounted Laser Grader


The Mumby range of front mounted laser graders are manufactured to a high standard and robust construction for working in demanding conditions, designed to attach onto various loaders fitted with quick hitch system and an auxiliary oil connection of only 30 litres minimum flow.  The graders are available in 3 widths  180cm – 200cm – 230cm and all models are equipped with a high quality Danfoss proportional twin valve kit for accuracy between + or – 3mm together with a dual grade set up comprising of two hydraulically operated castor wheels mounted behind the grader blade on each side, this layout allows the operator to move heaps of spoil-stone etc with no wheel frames to interfere as on some other models on the market  –  A parallel linkage frame is used to mount eh front blade assembly to the mounting quick hitch loader bracket with infinite adjustable screw link bars maintaining the blades in a constant level axis.




  • Dual grading system
  • High accuracy Danfoss proportional valves
  • Quick hitch frame available for most loaders
  • Can be used in manual or automatic mode
  • Available with complete laser package (Futtura system – optional)


Working Principle


The laser graders work on the same principle as follows:  A laser rotating transmitter is set up on a tripod within the work site, and sends a laser beam towards two receivers mounted on poles on each side of the grader, and with the blade resting on the ground – The two receivers are set at the height of the laser beam – Mounted on the grader is a special electric/hydraulic valve system which receives constantly hydraulic oil from the tractor pump – a control box (mounted in the cab near to operator) is connected to the valves (2 off) which in turn control two hydraulic cylinders which raise and lower each pair of wheels automatically to the required level set by the laser beam height – the laser system is accurate within + or – 2mm – The Mumby Laser Grader can also dual grade – i.e.: grading in two opposite directions automatically.  For further information please contact Mumby Machinery Ltd Technical Department 01778 346222