Harley Power Box Rake



Harley Power Box Rake


The legendary Harley Power Box Rakes from the USA are now available again in the UK from Mumby Machinery Ltd. These long-life ground preparation implements are the ultimate answer to your landscape construction needs carrying out

3 operations in 1 – CULTIVATING – GRDING and POWER RAKING

Manufactured in a range of sizes from 1.2m (4’) to 2.3m (7’6”) for both tractors and hydraulic loaders, Harley Power Box rakes are the ultimate answer to your ground preparation needs.




  • Long life ‘button shaped’ carbide tooth rotor
  • Cultivates – Grades – Rakes all in one pass
  • Adjustable barrier blades for all operations encountered
  • Hydraulic bi-angling of rotor frame
  • Removable side plates for removing soil/debris
  • Overload clutch standard
  • Rear depth control wheels for accurate raking
  • Long life triple seal bearings
  • Available for tractors and loaders


Working Principle


The special contra rotating rotor can be accurately depth controlled by the 2 castor wheels mounted to the frame, for working in smaller areas side plates are fitted to contain the soil-stones-debris, which is raked forwards by the rotor, a barrier blade made from special composite material is positioned above the rotor to stop debris being thrown backwards.  The blade can be rotated up clear of the teeth to allow all the cultivated soil/debris to be thrown backwards for tilling only, for working on larger areas the rotor can be hydraulically angled and the side plate removed to allow stones and debris to be windrowed to the side and by working in a sequence the ‘windrow’ can be moved across sideways to produce a level raked off finish quickly and efficiently.